This Is The First Episode Of The Series

Birth Is a Beging
Episode 1 Of Life In Leacy City
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First Relase Date:/1/1/2014/
Second Running Time:2 Pages
Third Previous Episode:NONE And Next Episode: Gold Golf
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Today Is Wendy's 15th Birthday And The Trio Try To Make The Best Day Ever By Making Her A Present Abot Her Life And She Has A Crush On Someone Who Already Loves Her


The Episode Begins at a veiw of space and shows Hisowcckiothe camera the zooms down onto Bankolo island and shows Parker 6007 neigborhood and then showed 45 house a NewsPaper that was flung At The Door by The scout  ANd Cameron Henderson Opened It And Picked it Up As Cameron Went Back Inside And Wacthed Good Moring Leacy City Toonsmthy Reamined Cameron That It's Wendy's Brithday Today And Cameron Qiuckly Gets Ready.

Then THe Roomates And Their Freinds Go TO Wendy's House But Cameron Ends Up Punching Robbie After He Told Them To Shut U Beacuse They Were Playing I Spy.

EveryBody Has Fun At The Party And They All (Except Cameron Henderson And Wendy Conbury) Are Asleep And Wendy Revals Her Crush Dipper Pines She Explains Why She Loves Him And Cameron Convinces Her And They DEcide To Play A Prank On Everybody While They Are Asleep.

Cameron Wakes Up The Next Morning And Revices Two Messages From Peter Frenklin And Sam Lawton And Sees Gumball Outside THe Window On His Phone Chatting To Dipper Pines And Then Goes To Tell THe Other Of What He SaID Then Cameron Gets Dressed And Goes To The Mystery Shack By Taxi

When Cameron Arrvied At The Mystery Shack And Wendy Tells Him It Worked Then Cameron Leads Wendy To The Lake Of Leacy City And She Finds A Brand Sweet New Dairy By SteveRayBro Martricy And Toonsmyth Tamico



  • Cameron Henderson
  • Toonsmyth Tamico
  • Steveraybro Maryticy


  • Wendy Conbury
  • Robbie Vangurad
  • Lee Lameson
  • Nate Namison
  • Tambry Gandfam
  • Thompson Hickterns
  • Sam Lawton
  • Peter Frenlin
  • Candice


  • Parry The PladaPous
  • Scout
  • Charlie Brown
  • Gumball Waterson
  • Penny Fizgrealed
  • Wallce
  • Gromit
  • Niko Belic
  • Roman Belic
  • Wendy Testaburger
  • Red


  • This Offcaily Aried On New Years Day In 2014
  • The Episode Has 23 Charters InIt
  • All The Minor Charters Excpet Gumball Dont Speak
  • The Episode By It's Name Is About The Birthday And Not An Actcally Birth