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Type Convenience Store
First "DISLIKE!!??"
Times 2 Seen And 4 Metioned

7-11 is a real chain store that was featured in the Season FOur episodes, "DISLIKE!!??" and "AppFinder".


In "DISLIKE!!??", The Trio are informed by Eric Cartman And Linane Cartman that They And His Feind's meme stunt at the Colorado Republican Debate appeared in the local newspaper. [2]CartMan Showing The RooMates The NewsPaper From "A Scause For Applause" From The TV Show "South Park"In "AppFinder",The Marsh's And The Stcohes Are recognized for standing Their ground by refusing to get his The Apps On Their I-Phones REMOVED HARDLY.

In "Car Cameos","Day Of The ZomToons","DU,DU,DUDU,DUPSTEP" And " Making Waffles", They Were ALL MeTionED By Many Pepole To GO GO To 7-11.

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