Leacy City location[1]
Bijou Cinema
Type Movie Theater
First "Car Cameos"
Times 47 ( 22 In Veiw And 45 In Metioning)

The Bijou Cinema is a location in South Park. The cinema was first seen in "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls", but was destroyed by Mel Gibson in the episode "The Passion of the Jew". It was rebuilt with a new look.


The Cinema's exterior is oblong shaped with two entrances either side of a ticket booth which is in the middle. Above the ticket booth is the Cinema's name and on either side of the name is the movie board where the name of the latest movie is displayed.

So far inside it seems the cinema is quite small, it has only one screen hence one or two movie names shown on the board at any one time. It has traditional red seats split into 3 sections, far left, far right and the center. There are two exits.


[3]The Cinema's old appearance in "Car Cameos".

  • "Car Cameos" -The Passion of the Phrist.
  • "Two Days Before The Apocalpse Day .A.KA. DoomSday" Showing Paw
  • "Mr T Should Lay Of The Farry Foods" - Showing The Longest Yard.
  • "Life In Leacy City:The Movie" - Showing Bolting Shows .