Cameron Henderson

Toonsmyth Tamico

Steveraybro Maryticy

 Suporting and Minor (Stay Normal)Edit


Mr Fizgreald

Mr Robisoin

Mrs Robinsoin



Helen Flood

Stan Marsh



Tom Tucker

Shandra Jimenez



Master Cheif


Pet HeadCrab

A Choclate Bar Women

A Male Apple

A Female Apple

Mr Salt

Mrs Salt

Blues Clues

Rachel Willson

Mrs Willson

Niko Belic








Dan Mandel

Suporting And Minor  (Who Become Zombies)Edit


The Two Scientests From Tasty Planet





Dipper Pines

Mabel Pines

Wendy Conbury

Gumball Waterson

Darwin Waterson

Anais Waterson

Nicole Waterson

Richard waterson




Mucsele Man

Roman Belic

Salt Left Thumb

Wendy Testbusger




Cold OpenEdit

[, Outer Space. TECH'S WORLDWIDE  Station is shown orbiting 

Hisowcckiothe  .]

Barry: No problems with Mir
Pet HeadCrab : [in an alien mask, sneaks up on Barry] Graaah.
Barry: Ayyy!
Pet HeadCrab : Porchad. Hehe, vlided il chalfeka "Gotcha, Happy Halloween"

You scared me, you communist Pet

[a warning button flashes. The message beneath it reads:


Barry: Dammit
Pet HeadCrab : Shtool "C!?p"
[Leacy City The Space Station Falls From THe SKy AND Destroys The ToweR Of Glands Bank IN PROGRESS. The Trio await the bus Stan,Kyle,CarTman,And Kenny Are Walking To The OTHER bUS Stop. The Space Staion crashes. One end of it falls on top of Kenny, narrowly missing the other Males.]
Stan: Oh my God! They killed Kenny!
Kyle: You b!?tards!
CArtman: What the hell is that thing?
Toonsmtyh: It looks like a UFO.
Cameron: There's no such thing as UFOS. [Sirens wail as ambulance pulls up. Two paramedics one Male And One Female go over to Kenny's corpse.]
Paramedics: Male: Let's get Him to the morgue Female: Ok Then. [They put his corpse in a body bag, then toss the bag into the ambulence and drive off.]
SteveRayBro: Hey, wait til you see my Halloween costume tomorrow. It kicks Butt.
Cameron: Dude, it can't be cooler than mine.

Hey Dudes, we gotta get home and get our costumes ready Good Luck At The  Halloween  High School Prom . [They walk off.]

Zombies Begin To ApearEdit

[Leacy city Morgue. Outside, an owl hoots, then a crow reaches the morgue's sign and sits on it. Inside the morgue Sicentists place a hose into Kenny, blood starts flowing out,Grey Haried Scinets IS Called Maocko And Oranged Haried Scintest is Called Harald]
Maocko: You know, I think death is least non-funny when it happens to a child. [Harald places a hose into Kenny, green embalming fluid flows in.]
Harald: Oh, yes, I know what you mean. [pulls out a hot dog, pours DUFF sauce on it, and takes a bite.]
Maocko: Harald, do you have to put that stuff on everything?
Harald: I don't know, it ju- it just makes everything taste so...English And Amercian.
Maocko: Well, let's let him drain. [They walk away. Worcestershire sauce falls over along with Some 53yearold medicne and a inprogress melting human flesh and pours into embalming fluid. Kenny's eyes open, and he gets up]
Maocko: ...So then the Workilac says, "If this ain't a Phone then I-" [Kenny busts through a door and takes a bite out of the mortician's head.] Hey!
Harald: [his shoulder bitten by Kenny] Aaah! [Kenny walks away] God damn! That Zombie bit me!
Maocko: Me too! [Kenny leaves the morgue and an owl hoots]

 Elementry School AND High School Uprising Disaster Part 1Edit

[Bus Stop. Kyle is standing there with a WereWolf mask on. Stan walks up; his costume consists of Withe Make Up And Black Make Up .]
Kyle: Ha ha, you look like a Michael Jackson
Stan: Shut up Kyle!
Kyle: What uh, what are you supposed to be?
Stan: I'm ASkeloton
Kyle: Hehe. Why the hell did you dress up like ASkelton dude?
Stan: Wendy's going as Skeltons, and she said this way we'd win the costume contest for sure.
Kyle: No way dude. I'm gonna win the costume contest with this sweet WereWolf costume.
Stan: Wendy said that first prize is Fourty-Five tons of candy.
Kyle: Wow! Cool!
Cartman: [walks up] Hey, dudes.
Kyle: Cartman! What kind of costume is that?
Cartman: It's Garold Jamster costume. OHPIT, OHPIT.
Stan: Where'd you get that?
Cartman: My mom made it, isn't it cool?
Kyle: No it's not cool!
Cartman: What are you supposed to be Stan, Howdy MCDoody?
Stan: No, I'm ASKELTON, fatBUTT!
Cartman: Ohh, heh- wow, you look pretty cool. [He and Kyle laugh]
Kyle: Hehe. Sissy.
Stan: I'll kick your ass, Kyle!
Cartman: Oh look out, Holly Hobby's all pissed off! [Kenny's corpse approaches.]
Stan: Hey look, Kenny's not dead.


{pulls up} Sup Guys {the boys get on the bus thEN now}

Health DiscoveryEdit

[Leacy City CLimate  Clinic. Harald and Maocko are being treated]
UNamed Brown Skined  Doctor:  Very interesting.
Macocko: What, what is it doc?
Helen Flood: Well, your- your temperature is only 53 degrees, you have no pulse, no heartbeat, and your, your eyes are all BLue With Some Milky SurFace Suronding Your Eyes.
HaraLD: Oh no, you mean...
UNamed BRown SKined DOctor: Yeah, I'm afraid the two of you have - Both Doctors:BLUEEYE. [ Harald and Macocko gasp] Helen Flood : I'd give you topical medicine, but I don't wanna touch ya.
Harald: Oh I'm so hungry, and all I can think about eating is, eh, Human Tissue!

UNamed BRown SKined DOctor:

Yeah, well for God sake don't touch your eyes. I'll prescribe some antibiotics.

High School AND Elementrey School Upriseing DisAter part 2Edit