Life In Leacy City The City is an upcoming role-playing video game, based on Life In Leacy City, currently being developed and published. The game was originally set to be published by THQ, 

Life In Leacy City The Game
Life In Leacy City The Game
Some attributes
First Relase:Unknown
Second Genre:Role Playing,Crime,Adventure,And FreindShip
Third Systems:Playstaion 2 And Xbox 360
Other attributes
Fourth Number Of Missons:123,456
Fifth Running Time:12 Hours Long
Sixth Rating: M+
however, their closure prompted Ubisoft to purchase the publishing rights. It will be released In The Future If Life In Leacy City Becomes Very Populaur And IT Will Be For the  PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360.

Fanfiction Series creators Cameron Henderson and Kenny Henderson are overseeing development, writing the script, and doing voice-over work for the game.


Because the game aims to emulate the Life In Leacy City style, typical role-playing quests wherein the player is sent to a cave to retrieve some lost artifact wouldn't be thematically appropriate. Quests will be more grounded within the Leacy City canon, with one example being retrieving Book Number 1 from Stanford Pines's Secret Labortory for Dipper Pines. The way to Stanford Pines's Secret Labotory may be imagined into something else, but the emphasis remains on making the player feel as if they are in the Life In Leacy City universe. In this capacity, The Hendersons have taken a direct role in the direction of the game's plot and general atmosphere.



Parker 6007Edit

  • The Roomates House
  • The Wattersons House
  • The Robinsins House
  • The Fiztgrealds House
  • The Pines House
  • The Conburys House
  • The Simpsons House
  • The Flanders House
  • The Wigums House

​Happy HumanyEdit

  • Litwak's Arcade
  • The Water Tower
  • Samuel's Shopping
  • Barney Barth's Adpartment
  • Helicopteor Site
  • Kentucky Freid Chicken
  • Tweek's Coffe
  • The Bus Station



  • The MakerBush's House
  • The Black's House
  • The Gru's House
  • The Willson's House
  • The Brown's House
  • The Wonka's House
  • The Needlender's House
  • The Belic House
  • Lurxary's Libary
  • The Hall Of Fame
  • HDD News Station
  • News For The Goods
  • Lippy's Lipstick
  • Leacy City's Harbour's Gift Shop
  • Channax CO.
  • Carry's CarPark



  • Cameron Henderson 
  • Toonsmyth Tamico
  • SteveRayBro Martricy
  • Your Charter

Suporting And Minor (Seen Alot)Edit

  • Stan Marsh
  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Eric Cartman
  • Kenny McCormick
  • Gumball Watterson
  • Darwin Watterson
  • Butters Stotch
  • Wendy Testaburger
  • Craig Tucker
  • Clyde Donovan
  • Token Black
  • Tweek Tweak
  • Timmy Burch
  • Dipper Pines
  • Mabel Pines
  • Stan pines
  • Randy Marsh
  • Sharon Marsh
  • Dan Mandel
  • Chris Pearson
  • Elise Sr
  • Richard Watterson
  • Ncole Watterson
  • Harold Willson
  • Sixsex Willson
  • Tobais Willson
  • Rachel Willson
  • Soos Samuio
  • Wendy Conbury
  • Manly Dan Conbury
  • The Conbury Boys
  • Robbie Vanguard
  • Riceky Vangurad
  • Mrs And Mr Vangurad
  • The Objects
  • Sam Lawton
  • Candince Hopper

Suporting And Minor (Cutscenes Only)Edit

  • Larry Needlender
  • The Fiztgrealds
  • The Dolphins And The Celtics
  • Tokyo Citzens

Recurring VilllansEdit

  • The Prisnoers
  • Crab Pepole
  • The Zombies (6 Male Types,And 6 Female Types
  • Robot Gurads

Recurring HerosEdit

  • Batman
  • PowerPuffs
  • Jesus
  • God