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The Roomates House

This Is Were The Roomates Live.

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                                                             Did You Know EveryOne
Did You Know...
  • ...THAT The ED EDD EDDY,Gravity Falls,Dan Vs,The Amazing World Of GumBall,AND South Park Theme Song Is Mixed Up For the opening credits?
  • ...that the show is based on The HenderSons's Favroite Cultre Like CarToons,Movies,Books,And Video Games?
  • ...that The CarToon Cameron Henderson has a tattoo on his back?
  • ...Mabel's Sweater In "Lame Night" Has A PicTure Of Ombama OnIt?
  • ...that 'Lil Gideon's Adrest is on the back of the magazine Grunkle Stan is reading in "Gold Golf"?
  • ...Some Show Creators Like Alex Hrisch (Gravity Falls), Dan Mandel And Chris Perason (Dan Vs),And Trey Parker AndMatt Stone (South Park) Help With The Anamation Of Other Charters And LocTions?