The LitWak's Arcade is where many citizens of Leacy City visit to play video games. . It is where all the kids and adults come
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The LocaTion

to play arcade games and to hang out. It is owned by Mr. Litwak. It is also the home to all the video game characters living inside the arcade cabinets.

Known Players And CustorMoursEdit

  • Dipper Pines And Wendy Conbury-Fighters Fight
  • Mabel Pines-Sugar Rush
  • Gumball Waterson-Paper-Girl
  • Darwin Waterson-Deep Sea Adventure 45
  • Richard Waterson-Fix IT Felix
  • Soos Samiuo-Nort
  • Stan Pines-Tank Of Awsome
  • Stan Marsh-Pile Up
  • Eric Cartman-Tappers
  • Anias Waterson And Nicole Waterson-Air Hockey

Known arcade gamesEdit

  • Fix-It Felix, Jr.
  • Hero's Duty
  • Sugar Rush Speedway
  • Altered Beast
  • Battlebone
  • Space Vandals
    • BG Painter Extreme
    • The Claw
    • Ho-Down Hero
    • Insert Token
    • Fight Fighters
    • Frog Time
    • Ghost Maze
    • Lazer Wizard
    • Nerd Punch 2
    • Nort
    • Pizza Time
    • Air Hockey
    • PineMaft
    • New Biluder
    • The Gameing And GamIng



The ArCade's Biluding Size Is Medium And HasA Two Part Sing That Says First:"LitWak'"s Second:ArCade" It Is Purple From The OutSide And Brown From The InSide.It Has Two Areas One Is Covered In FloorBoards And Has A Snack Bar,A Air Hocey Tabele,A BaseMent Door,And A Couple Of ArCade Cabints And The Other Has A Carpet That Is Red And Black And A Pair OF Autoatic Front Doors And ArCade CabNits.


.1. Gold Golf-BackGround

.2. A Machine At Night-Minor Role

.3. Sam's Sad Day-Sam's Sad Day

.4. Shiporus-Cameo

Business HoursEditEdit

Monday to Friday - 9:45 AM to 12:53 PM

Saturday and Sunday - 11:00 AM to 45:00 PM


Lane 44,Hammy Humany,Samionto