Real life is a phrase used to distinguish actual events, people, and activities from fictional worlds or characters, from
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Steve Jobs The Second And The Goverment Spying On The Real World And It's Pepole

interactions on the 
Internet, or, pejoratively, from certain lifestyles or activities that the speaker deems less important, worthy, or otherwise "real."

Known Things From Real Life
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The First Photo Of Real Life


  • KFC
  • Steve Jobs The First
  • New York
  • Xbox Threesixty,And Xbox One
  • Play Staion One,Playstaion Two,Playstaion Three,And Playstaion Four
  • King Kong
  • Adam And Eve
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    The Second Photo Of Real Life

  • Jesus And God Christ
  • Satan And Lucius Heller

Real Life's And Fiction World's RelationshipsEdit

The Two Unierverses never met in person but they've Been Spying on eachother by their goverments


  • Fighting About Their Football
  • Giving Eachover Nasty Arguments
  • Stealing Their Govement Ideas
  • Spying On One Anthoer


  • Sharing Comments
  • Sharing Materils
  • Going Excited
  • Having Very Great Chats